Completion and Opening Ceremony of the First Interchange Bridge in Niger


On September 17th, 2013, the completion and opening ceremony of the 1st interchange in Niger - Mali Béro Interchange that carried out by our company was held in Niamey. Representatives from Niger Republic attended the ceremony, including President of Niger Republic, Prime Minister of Niger Republic, the first Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, parliamentarians, mayor of Niamey and district mayors. Representatives from P. R. China attended the ceremony, including Mr. Shi Hu, Chinese Ambassador in Niger, Mr. Yeerken and Mr. Su Li, the representatives of our company, etc.

In the ceremony, on behalf of the Niger government and people, the President of Niger Republic sincerely thanks China for its generous assistance to Niger, and highly praised ​​our company’s outstanding contributions to Niger’s construction works, and this work has dramatically changed Niamey urban landscape and traffic conditions, thenMr President and Mr. Ambassador cut the ribbon for the Interchange opened to traffic.