Project Contract Signing of Reinforcement of AlSharqiya Water Transmission System in Oman


On February 19th, 2020, the Contract of Reinforcement of AlSharqiya Water Transmission System was signed in Muscat by the representative of the owner - Public Water Authority of Oman (PAW), the representatives of our company and the representative of Hunan Industrial Equipment Installation Co., Ltd. (HIEICO). The project is funded by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development(AFESD). CGCINT and HIEICO bided the above mentioned project as a joint venture, and CGCINT is the lead party. The main works of the project is the design and construction of the water transmission system from the AlAshkara desalination plant to AlSharqiya Province, including the supply and laying of a 312km water transmission pipelines, the construction of 17 water reservoirs, the construction and installation of 4 new pumping stations and the reinforcement of 3 existing pumping stations, and the supply and installation of chlorination system and control system, etc.