Completion Ceremony of Emara Sewerage Project in Iraq


On 24th May, 2014, the completion ceremony of Emara Sewerage Project, which was executed by CGCINT, was held in Emara, Maysan Province, Iraq. Mr. Abudul Yunus, the Minister of Municipality and Public Works, and Mr. Li Zhuangsong, the Counselor of Chinese Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office in Iraq, attended the completion ceremony and cut the ribbon. The ceremony was reported by Xinhuanet and many local medias.

Emara Sewerage Project is the first Chinese contractor completed municipal project after the Iraq War ended in 2003. The total contract amount is 70 million dollars, and the plant can treat 60,000 m³ waste water per day after completion.

The Panorama View of Emara Sewage Treatment Plant

The aeration tank is decontaminating the sewage

Chinese Engineer in Master Control Room

The Sand-Table Model of Emara Sewage Treatment Plant