The Signing Ceremony of Vocational Technical School of Central African Republic


In the morning of October 17th, 2012, the signing ceremony of a vocational-technical school contracted by our company, was held in Central African Republic’s Vocational Education Department.  Delegates from both sides joined the ceremony, including Mr. Liu Baoyi, Economic & Commercial Counselor of China Embassy, Mr. DJIBRINE SALL, Minister of Vocational Technical Education and Professional Training Ministry of Central African Republic, and the Director of the General office of Vocational Education Department. After the ceremony, a press conference was also held. In the conference, Mr. Mingwenhao, the representative of our company made a brief introduction to the project. Afterwards, Mr. DJIBRINE SALL expressed his sincere gratitude to the Chinese government, and stated that he would be fully cooperative to the construction of the project.