Commencement Ceremony for the KMS3 Water Supply Project in Senegal

On December 18, 2017, the commencement ceremony for the KMS3 Water Supply Project (Keur Momar Sarr 3) in Senegal was held ceremoniously in Mékhé with the participation of the President of Senegal, Mr. Macky Sall, Prime Minister, Mr. Mohammed B. A. Dionne, key members of the cabinet, the French Ambassador to Senegal, AFD representatives, as well as the representatives of contractor of each lot. At the ceremony, President Sall made a warm speech, stating that the project is of far-reaching significance for the improvement of people's livelihood and economic development in Senegal.

The project is co-financed by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), the French Development Agency (FDA), the European Investment Bank (EIB), the World Bank (WB) and the African Development Bank (ADB). The main work is to transport drinking water to the capital Dakar from the Senegal River in the northeastern part of the country, with a daily water output of 100,000 tons and a water supply distance of 216 kilometers, divided into seven lots. Lot 6 of the project wined by our company includes the supply and laying of DN1500mm ductile iron pipeline of 55 km from downstream of Mékhé to Thiès. The construction period is 24 months.

President Sall held cordial talks with our company leaders