Commencement Ceremony of Project of Water Supply in Zinder, Niger Republic


On march 31st, 2013, Commencement ceremony of Zinder Water Supply Project was held in Zinder City, Niger Republic. Representatives from P. R. China and Niger Republic attended the ceremony, including the President of Niger Republic, Minister of Planning, Minister of the Interior, Minister of Water Resources and Governor of Zinder Province, Mr. Shi Hu, Chinese Ambassador in Niger, representative of the Export-Import Bank of China, and Mr. Wang Xiaozhen, the deputy general manager of our company etc.

At the commencement ceremony, on behalf of Niger government and people the Minister of Water Resources appreciated China for its long-term sincere help to Niger, and highly praised the outstanding contributions made by our company on the Niger’s national construction. Mr. Shi Hu, Chinese Ambassador in Niger, also made important speech.