Chinese plants passed inspection check for Mauritania capital water supply project


From June 21 to 26, 2011, Chen Likai, lot1 project business manager of the Mauritania project department of China Geo-Engineering Corporation International Ltd. (CGC), accompanied proprietor representatives – MOHAMEDOU, operation department manager of Mauritania national water works and MOHAMED ABDELLAHI, engineer of the project department, made factory acceptance check ofductile iron pipes and pipe fittings, ordered from China Xinxing Cast Pipe for the lot1 project.

The Lot1 project, extending water supply network in the capital city of Mauritania, is a major project CGC wins after the AFTOUT project. Construction started on April 10, 2011, and will last for 18 months. The main part of the project is to install 13.5-kilometer DN400-DN700 ductile iron pipes, and construct a frequency conversion water supply pump station with a daily capacity of 50,000 cubic meters.

Since it is the first time to apply China-made ductile iron pipes and pipe fittings in Mauritania, the project is of great significance for Chinese companies to open up and expand the Mauritania market. CGC and the manufacturers have paid high attention to the inspection check. The first company receiving the check is Xinxing Hunan Taojiang Plant. By June 22, the plant had produced all the ductile iron pipe fittings, and passed all the field inspections. The second company under the check is Xinxing Hubei Huangshi Plant. CGC ordered DN400 PUX pipes, DN700 PUX pipes and PUX pipe fittings with the plant. By June 23, the plant had produced all the DN400 PUX, DN700 PUX pipes and PUX pipe fittings. They met standards after checked by the acceptance team. The proprietor representatives were satisfied with the results.

The checked ductile iron pipes and pipe fittings are major materials for the Lot1 project. They are the largest order in material procurement for the project. The satisfactory result of the inspection check has created favorable conditions for delivering the materials on time and launching the construction project as scheduled.